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Sensitive Automation is an invaluable source of information for all the people who seek for highest efficiency in production by automating complex precise tasks but don’t want to spend valuable time on a costly integration process. Throughout the world we connect providers with end users in order to bring the sense of touch into industrial automation.
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The Automated Greenhouse: What robots can contribute to herb production

Intelligent automation makes herb production competitive and flexible. Therefore, Danish manufacturer Rosborg Food Holding automated their greenhouse: Now they rely on OnRobot's collaborative grippers. Read More

Intelligent automation: How sensors and software make robots smart

In order to grant competitive advantages, industrial robots must become sensitive and smart. This is where software and sensors come in: Equipped with these, collaborative applications widen the scope of automation and provide comprehensive benefits. Read More

The Benefits of Easy Programming

A short integration time is vital when it comes to the profitability of manufacturing robots. OnRobot offers collaborative gripping systems that are fast to deploy and easy to use. Thus, even small and medium-sized companies can benefit from automation, increasing their efficiency. Read More

Automation as an opportunity for everyone

The automation of industrial production is progressing steadily. More and more companies are relying on machine support. This does not only change production processes: Working routines and job profiles are affected as well – in a positive sense. Read More

Collaborative Robotics: Focus on the application

Automated processes will soon have become standard in networked production environments. However, a robot arm alone does not add any value: only with the right end effectors does it create lasting benefits for the user. Therefore, what counts is the collaborative application as a whole. Read More

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Cost-effective automation of complex circuit board assembly

Robots with a sense of touch automatically adapt to their production environment when populating circuit boards regardless of whether boards are single or double-sided, or whether they are produced as single cards, small series runs or using THT, mixed or SMD assembly. Read More

Inserting connecting pins – when every millimeter counts

The insertion of pins, a standard technique in precision installation, demands sensitivity and millimeter tolerances. It has resisted automation for quite some time, but thanks to six-axis force/torque sensors, that is now changing. Read More

Polishing with a sense of touch

Polishing and smoothing determine the visual appearance of an end product and therefore its success. Automating these processes takes adaptable industrial robots with a fine sense of touch. Read More

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Ready to automate with a sense of touch?

We connect you with your local distributor.